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The dishes served here at Allean’s are inspired by the recipes and traditions shared by Momma Allean and Momma Mary.

Because of these two women, generations have been inspired to cook great southern food with love.


Ultimate Southern Dining Experience like no other

Allean’s, which serves lunch and dinner, has 2 locations in Columbia SC. The beautiful exterior is complemented with pops of brilliant red bistro tables. And the thoughtfulness of the owners show through in the bench perfectly placed under the tree for waiting customers to enjoy. “I want my customers to feel as if they are at home,” stated Tonya Wright, the co-owner and executive chef of Allean’s. Her goal was achieved. The interior of the restaurant showcases family photos, thoughtful decor, smiling faces, and irresistible smells of good food wafting from the kitchen.

From 11am until closing the doors at 8pm Saturday, hundreds of customers were served. Plates were filled with delicious southern favorites such as barbeque pulled pork, barbeque ribs, potato salad, grilled chicken, collard greens, macaroni and cheese and baked beans, to name a few. Customers were asked to take a customer satisfaction survey, which verified that customers were extremely happy with the food and the service.

Our mission is to serve you fresh, delicious southern cuisine in a comfortable, family oriented atmosphere. Allean’s Southern Cuisine is a family owned restaurant and when you come to eat with us, you will be treated like family as well. The recipes are many secret ingredients we dare not to mention, but the most important ingredient is love. And when you come to Allean’s you will see that we are doing what we love and we love what we do. We know there are several menu items that will make it hard to forget Allean’s Southern Cuisine.  So come on down to Alleans in Lake Carolina, where we believe the most important parts of life are good food, good family & friends and good times. We truly hope you make Allean’s your home away from home!

Thank You for patronizing our family,
The Wrights

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Alleans Southern Cuisine

Alleans Southern Cuisine